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Fishermen's Journal

Spectra Rigging

Video - Rigging Exercises

by Chark (a.k.a. - Mark Smith)

Well, I'm no video expert, just a hacker who's learning.  But, we've seen a need for working with more video, so it's about time I start cutting my teeth.  For our first project we're taking on some knots used for rigging spectra.  Don't expect too much in terms of professional video skills, this is a first shot.  We're using Windows Media Audio/Video files.  You may want to download their most recent update for best viewing.  The files should be compatible with computers running Windows 98 or later versions of their operating system.

This page was made up about 15 years ago, somewhat dated is being charitable... Better info on our site, within our YouTube Channel (CharkBaitUSA).

Why use Spectra anyway? What are some of the advantages?

Tying the Bimini isn't all that hard once you literally get into it.

The Albright is a great knot to get to know for a lot of reasons.  It's dandy for connecting leader and line, especially when diameters aren't close to being equal.


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